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    Readers comments about Judy's book, COVERED


    Judy is a talented writer, who draws on real relationships and experiences in her life to bring these stories creatively to life. The power of the prayer blanket ministry is evident in these stories, be they fact, fiction, or somewhere in between." - Ishmael Smyrnow

    Great capture of the range and extent of emotions that arise in the background of someone involved in active duty service in a war zone. 'Soldier in Trauma' is realistic and insightful.' - Tom Andrix


    Reader's Comments About Judy's Book, WRAPPED IN LOVE

    "If you would like your every day walk in Christ to take on a new dimension, turn to any story in this amazing book! ...And your heart will be encouraged and transformed page after page, story by story." - Glenna Slasbury, CSP, CPAE

     "Real men don't cry but they do tear up and get a lump in their throats. These stories testify to the power of prayer and the ability of 'ordinary people' to make a difference in the lives of others." - Bob Jeram,




    Readers are talking about MASTERING & MARKETING YOUR PERFORMANCE

    "Judy Buch is the professional's professional. She knows her stuff. What she teaches is pure gold." - Andy Holmes, creator of TV's Gerbert.

    "Professional and amateur will find this book loaded with tips on how to polish and market your act. Hats off to Judy for sharing her experiences with us all!" - Jimmy Nelson, world class professional ventriloquist with Danny O'Day and Farfel



                             Want a great read?

          A great book tells you how to make your life better.
         A great story draws you into a better life.
    Judy Buch

                Do you or someone you know love murder mysteries?

    Kill for Justice

    The night after a body is discovered, the chilling appearance of the dead man's ghost appears on the theater's stage. Simone Biaz, a ventrilooquist who can make anything talk, is also known for her brilliance at solving mysteries. She and her father must delve into a twenty-five year old cold case murder, a case that is exceptionally disturbing in this cobble stoned resort town off the coast of Maine.

    What dark secrets does the town hide? Will Simone and her father be able to solve the case, or become the next victims?

    Kill for Justice is the 2nd book in the Simone Biaz series.


    VENOM; Fatal Revenge

    Betrayal and Revenge lead to murder in the charming town of Marshall, NC. When the District Attorney is found dead from multiple snakebites, the community is stunned. An off season raft guide discovers the truth. His search takes him on a rescue mission rafting the French Broad River in January, and into other dicey and dangerous situations. Jake’s off again, on again relationship with his girlfriend, Shelby, and the distractions of a flirty cafe owner, further complicate his life. Solving this mystery proves as precarious and unpredictable as the French Broad, itself.

    This stand alone book is a Novel Shot, ie 3/4 the size of a full novel.



    The Killer Show

    A deathly scream is heard during a ventriloquist show. Everyone assumes that the ventriloquist, Simone Biaz, threw her voice. That is until a body is found back stage.

    And when Simone receives several chilling threats, her father moves in with her, convinced she's the next victim. At thirty, she fights claustrophobia and her father's dominance while she throws her voice to make things talk, confuse criminals, and solve a murder. To complicate things even more, Simone has a heart for a challenging and needy street kid who knows more than she's telling, and a complicated romance with a hot boyfriend.

    This is the 1st book in the Simone Biaz, ventriloquist series.



    Short Story Fiction Books


    Wrapped in Love 

    When you read the story of Jaime from Wrapped in Love, about an abused baby not expected to live, and the young mother who hides a secret, you will want to keep reading until the end. The account uncovers layers of lies that tell us something of our own capacity for good and evil.

    Eddie is another favorite story from Wrapped in Love, about a homeless man suffering from schizophrenia, addictions and anger. This moving story forces consideration of what it’s like for a homeless person with mental illness, battling his demons. And by the end of the story, it’s nearly impossible not to increase your compassion for people who suffer like Eddie.



    This is the second book of short stories. Here the narratives tell what happen
    when people are covered in other people’s prayers. And the powerful “covering” from prayer shawl, to prayer quilts to blankets.

    • The Opportunity Buggy
      A devastating accident cripples a family until an unusual and insightful character, Mrs. Ludwig, becomes their housekeeper. Her outspokenness slaps like a stick in a bicycle wheel. Her love for Jesus with determination to help this family equips them all with the courage and honesty necessary to overcome their tragedy.
    •  Soldier in Trauma
      A couple becomes engaged just before the young man is sent overseas to fight in the Iraqi war. During combat, he is wounded and returns home.  But his wounds are more than physical. This is a story of heartbreak and healing, and the gift of caring for our wounded warriors.

    These persuasive characters jump off the page and climb into your heart. And the stories take the reader on an emotional roller coaster that keep the pages turning and the lights on. It is a compelling read with images that stick in the imagination and inspiration that refreshes the soul.


    Non-fiction Book

     Mastering & Marketing Your Performance

    This book has become a reliable resource for Christian performing Artists, whether, in drama, mime, magic, storytelling, clowning, ventriloqusim or puppetry.                                                    

    You will find creative ideas at your fingertips. What sets this book a part from others in Christian performing arts is that it sifts through ideas from various genres to open up and expand your imagination and art.