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    Wrapped in Love

    Our God is real, and takes real delight
    in us. He made us in His own image,
    Wrapped us in His love and blesses us
    beyond measure
    . -Judy Buch

    I John 3:18 "Dear children, let's not
    merely say that we love each other;
    let us show the truth by our actions."


    Wrapped in Love, the presentation,  shares stories based on real people and real events. Audiences  hear what happened when hurting people wrapped up in prayers they could touch. And their own faith is encouraged by the remarkable outcomes that took place because believing people cared enough to pray.

    Audiences laugh at the humor and wit of Judy's ventriloquist peoploidTM., Daisy. A well-meaning but slightly misguided church goer, has the audience laughing, making attendees forget that Judy is the only one talking.

    This presentation gives practical ideas for sharing God's love. Those in the seats are inspired to make a prayer blanket, shawl or quilt to express the love of Christ to others in need, restoring hope through kindness, using a fairly easy method to give a gift of love.

    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.



    Still Lips Talking

    with Truth and Laughter


    "She prayed for 30 years asking God to build
    a church in her slum district. And today, a
    church is being built on the spot here a
    crack house stood. And she wept tears
    of joy."
    -Judy Buch


    Audience members are inspired with their spirits lifted and their hearts touched, as Judy shares stories of people she has met on mission trips, from the slums of Panama City to an orphanage in Ukraine.

    Audiences hear how some believers survive under brutal conditions and how like, flowers in the dessert, they have so little, yet flourish with audacious faith.

    And you meet Daisy, who gives her views on living conditions and the travels we’ve made together.

    Judy and Daisy have you crying one moment and laughing the next as you consider your own heartaches and celebrations and your relationship with the Lord Jesus.

    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.



    At Water’s Edge

    God gave me a bit of foam on the end
    of my hand that I could control when I
    couldn’t control anything else around me.

    What has God placed in your hand that He wants
    you to use for His purposes?
    -Judy Buch


    Find encouragement and hope, listening to Judy’s personal story of how she started in ventriloquism during a low point in her life. And recognize how the Lord used that skill to bring her through heartbreak and into restoration.

    Judy and her puppet, Daisy, take you on a roller coaster ride of tears and laughter, exploring God’s grace and faithfulness. Anchoring her story in the text, Matthew 8:23-27 that tells how Jesus quiets the storm, enables listeners to see the long threads of God’s faithfulness woven through their own lives.

    “At Water’s Edge” reminds us of cleansing, baptism and serving (from the story of Christ washing His disciples’ feet). It leaves you smiling and refreshed.

    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.