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    A few tips to get started:

    Watch other ventriloquists
    Attend both Vent Haven Convention and MAX Festival.
    Take an improv acting class
    Buy some of the excellent books and videos that teach it
    Mastering & Marketing Your Performance
    Maher 30 Lesson Course

    Practice talking to yourself without moving your lips (If you already talk to yourself, you’re half way there )
    Practice saying nursery rhymes, sing songs, count
    Practice lip syncing each syllable you say
    Buy an inexpensive puppet before spending a lot of money
    Write up a short funny script
    Edit and make the script funnier
    Practice with the puppet on your hand
    Play around giving different emotions to your puppet
    Watch top ventriloquists on video or live



    Ventriloquist Videos

    Judy wants to include Dasiy as a character in a book she's writing. Daisy is charmed by the idea at first. But will she go along with Judy's idea?

    Judy is an award winning ventriloquist who combined the art of ventriloquism with speaking for more than 25 years. Here in Stafford-on-Avon, Daisy talks to geese. See how she has them eating out of her hand.

    Judy introduces Magda Romansky, Senior Editor of Petulant Publishers. The discussion is about book characters, and particularly, Madame Bovary. See what's so funny, and what makes Judy laugh.