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    Shaking Off Stress


    When we laugh, suddenly food tastes
    the people around seem
    friendlier and our brains tell us, “Hey,
    you’re laughing, you must be having
    fun!” -Judy Buch


    Stress attacks two major areas in our lives. And relationship stress carries the highest percentage. Learn how to diffuse anger in healthy ways, whenever you want, increase compatibility and practice a powerful antidote for stress that actually works.

    You maybe surprised to hear who it is that causes our greatest stress.

    This presentation is equally focused on health and having fun. It's a serious topic with a light touch, one that works well for Professional Association events. Whether it's a luncheon or after dinner speech it's the answer for meeting planners looking for that unique presentation with a memorable message, delivered with big laughs.

    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.


    Creative Leadership

    “It's not what you look at that matters,
    it's what you see.”
     —Henry David Thoreau

    “Creativity is more than problem solving. It
    allows us to play with ideas and bring them
    together in new ways that shift how we relate
    to each other and experience life.”
     —Judy Buch

    The message takes a look at the polarity of leadership, assessing the big picture on one hand and respecting the often over-looked details on the other.  It explores ways imagination brings buy-in, freshness and excitement to the workplace.  It identifies where and how imagination works from self improvement and new services and products to refreshing the dynamics of the workforce. 

    Imagination and day dreaming activities give the impression that the day dreamer is meditating on a mat somewhere or has their feet propped up in a dark room. That is not true. Creativity can show up anywhere, even in the middle of chaos.

    The more practiced we become at creative thinking, questioning, and considering, the more agile the mind responds and delivers. Explore more options, consider more possibilities and activate your imagination. It will take you from surviving to thriving.


    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.


    Constructive Change

    You can dream, create, design and build the
    most wonderful place in the world, but it requires
    people to make the dream a reality
    . —Walt Disney

    It takes more than a clear vision to effect change in the workplace.  It requires teams to shift…shift their thinking…shift their attitudes…shift their priorities and comfort zones.

    This message clarifies the terms of internal stages people go through during a major change.  The internal change often takes longer than the external change. The presentation includes language that gives audience members the necessary terms to identify where they are and recognize the incremental passages they must travel through.  It provides insights that help them cross specific thresholds into new arenas.  And Judy will discuss building trust and hope during the transition period and ways to mobilize people through that process.



    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.


    If They Trust... They Will Follow

    Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and
    character. But if you must be without one, be
    without the strategy.
    —Norman Schwarzkopf

    The best leaders demonstrate character and infuse
    confidence and purpose in their people through
    an old-fashioned notion of trust
    .—Judy Buch

    This message identifies key leadership skills required for dynamic leaders. It begins with good character and understanding people, and then examines disruptive Sandbox Behaviors™ and how to stop sabotaging and toxic games at work. The message explores decisive actions, patience, communication and clarifying outcomes. It explores creative and innovative ways to promote positive results using qualities such as flexibility, persuasion and initiative. The most valuable asset of a leader is not that she is well-liked or popular. It is that she or he is trustworthy, caring, honest, fair and responsible.

    Sorry. This presentation is no longer available.