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    Deep afternoon shadows and spring temperatures surround this weathered cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

    Could this be the setting for:

    • The Three Bears,”

    • “Little House on The Prairie,”

    • “The Shack?”

    If you were to write a story with this setting, what would be your story-in-a-nutshell?

    What is happening inside this house?

    Is it as pretty and serene inside as it is outside?

    Would you prefer a modern-day story or one set in the 1800s?

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    I'm curious to know what kinds of stories intrigue you.

    Make it a great week,






    Book Review


    Cutting for Stone was a fascinating read. Set in Addis Abba, Ethiopia; New York City, and again in Addis Ababa, the story is about twin boys who are orphaned. When their mother, a Catholic nun, dies in childbirth, their father, a surgeon, disappears.

    However, it was hard for me to get into the book. After the first part of the story leading up to the twin's birth, and heartbreaking consequences, I put the book down for a couple of weeks. The author had ended the life of a character I liked.

    Caution. This 667 page book loaded with medical terms, procedures, and culture does not make a quick read at the beach.

    Maybe I was being too judgmental. With four and a half stars on Amazon, I picked it back up.

    Glad I did!

    The twin boys, Marion and Shiva Stone, have a preternatural connection that I found fascinating. Their lives are peppered with challenges and setbacks. There are tensions from life and death situations around them, and a complex childhood love interest. The twins are exposed to unusual medical conditions that eventually determine their careers as doctors. And political unrest with the changing regimes in Ethiopia heighten the drama.

    The key overriding message in the book, is that even if we don't have a wonderful blood-relational family, another human, a group or a village of people can become that missing piece in our lives to support us, validate us and love us.

    And we can do the same for others.

    Enjoy the read, and do let me know what you think about it after you finish the novel.

    Make it a great day,




    Taught My Dogs To "Roll Over"


    It's easier to teach my dogs to roll over than it is to ask people to buy my book. Honestly, it is.

    Now that they've learned that trick, maybe I can teach them to pick up their toys and drop them in the toy basket. Wouldn't that be nice?

    Meantime, if you'd like a good mystery, download The Killer Show, a Simone Biaz ventriloquist mystery, and after you read it, feel free to recommend it to others. Thanks.

    Make it a great week.




    Love a Good Mystery? 


    The Killer Show

    Judy Buch, ventriloquist and mystery writer in performance

    Take a break from stress and fall into a great adventure with The Killer Show. It's a unique read with a ventriloquist, amateur detective.

    If you want to keep the murder details off-stage, but like tension and suspense with a surprise ending, The Killer Show is your book.

    And by the way, the price of the book is less than a caramel latte.

    Oh. One more thing. After you finish reading it, please leave a review on Amazon. Thanks.








    Harpy in the System


    When I wanted to join a Yahoo group the other day, I couldn't remember my password. And when I tried to get a new one, the system popped up two security questions that I had selected and answered seven plus years ago. Supposedly.

    Staring at those questions didn't provide even a smidgen of a clue for those answers. So, I took a stab at it. A red error message popped up. I tried again, and again, and got kicked out of the system.


    This was not a confidence-building moment.

    But still determined to join this Yahoo group, I persisted. And finally, in an obscure office file, I found the Yahoo login information. The user name was an email I didn't know existed. The password, I'd never have guessed, and the two security questions were totally different than what appeared on the Yahoo screen.

    How did my security questions get changed out? I can only conclude that some fiendish, whooping and shrieking Harpy nests in the system.