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    Taught My Dogs To "Roll Over"


    It's easier to teach my dogs to roll over than it is to ask people to buy my book. Honestly, it is.

    Now that they've learned that trick, maybe I can teach them to pick up their toys and drop them in the toy basket. Wouldn't that be nice?

    Meantime, if you'd like a good mystery, download The Killer Show, a Simone Biaz ventriloquist mystery, and after you read it, feel free to recommend it to others. Thanks.

    Make it a great week.




    Love a Good Mystery? 


    The Killer Show

    Judy Buch, ventriloquist and mystery writer in performance

    Take a break from stress and fall into a great adventure with The Killer Show. It's a unique read with a ventriloquist, amateur detective.

    If you want to keep the murder details off-stage, but like tension and suspense with a surprise ending, The Killer Show is your book.

    And by the way, the price of the book is less than a caramel latte.

    Oh. One more thing. After you finish reading it, please leave a review on Amazon. Thanks.








    Harpy in the System


    When I wanted to join a Yahoo group the other day, I couldn't remember my password. And when I tried to get a new one, the system popped up two security questions that I had selected and answered seven plus years ago. Supposedly.

    Staring at those questions didn't provide even a smidgen of a clue for those answers. So, I took a stab at it. A red error message popped up. I tried again, and again, and got kicked out of the system.


    This was not a confidence-building moment.

    But still determined to join this Yahoo group, I persisted. And finally, in an obscure office file, I found the Yahoo login information. The user name was an email I didn't know existed. The password, I'd never have guessed, and the two security questions were totally different than what appeared on the Yahoo screen.

    How did my security questions get changed out? I can only conclude that some fiendish, whooping and shrieking Harpy nests in the system.











    "The Killer Show" book launch

    The Killer Show is now available on Amazon. Check it out!

    If you or someone you know loves mystery stories, or has the slightest curiosity about how a ventriloquist handles a murder mystery, download The Killer Show and enjoy. And after you read it, it would mean a lot to me if you wrote a review on Amazon about the book. Thank you all so much.



    The Snowboarder


    Sammy sprung out of the gate picking up momentum and shot over the first jump, spiraling and pitching, defying gravity, air-dogging with the sun. The board cut through the snow with a spray of crystals diffused over a blue sky. Spectators cheered. Their adrenalin kick made them gasp as they watched Sammy soar through the air above their heads, rotating in complete circles, his hand on the edge of his board. Their hands shading their eyes as he dropped on the slope like a beam of light. Easy.

    His board barely touched down before adding momentum as Sammy scraped across one box and made a switch onto a rail, completing a perfect 350 degree spin before landing sweet. He regained lift and mounted the next jump, legs tireless, arms and body positioned for balance and speed. He moved effortlessly in spite of bulky clothing, appearing as one image with the board, flying like an object carelessly tossed into the air; an ill-fated UFO careening through the sky twisting end over end. With Sammy's back toward the spectators, defying gravity, he flipped 540 degrees before pivoting around for a total 720 degrees. Onlookers blew horns, whistled, and hooted in response. In the end, Sammy's board slapped against the slope as he skidded to the finish line, grinding to a stop, removing his helmet, and smiling broadly to acknowledge a pristine run.

    Hope you enjoy this scene. I purposely used a number of -ing verbs, (present participles) even though they are considered weak as far as verbs go. I think it works because of the detail I can pull with it.

    Make it a great week,