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    Life Lesson from A Bug


    Don’t you absolutely love EASTER?

    I do!

    First because of my faith in the risen Christ, and then, because Spring is in full bloom. Roses, irises, phlox, and azaleas are all in their glory. Leaves are full-out on the trees, and despite the pollen, it’s good-bye cold and dreary winter, and hello warm sun, and outdoor living. Hooray!

    But along with warm temperatures and blossoms come little gnats, and bees and such. Right now, there is a contest going on in my kitchen, between an annoying spider with it’s equally annoying web – evidence of an on-going war – and me. I thought the cold winter temperatures would kill the little beast, but evidently not. I’m not even sure it’s a spider’s web. It’s this long slung hammock affair, that takes over my window screen. The little bugger – whatever it is – is every bit as determined to weave it back, as I am to take it down. To tell you the truth, I haven’t used bleach, or anything strong than Windex. Maybe, in spite of my protests, I secretly respect the little vermin who is reminding me of a valuable life lesson on standing your ground, digging in your heels, and standing firm.

    And maybe in return for those lessons, I’d miss the little thing that re-spins its web every night – or every other night – wearing me out, an insignificant creature showing inordinate determination.

    So, I’m sharing this small drama with you, in the hope that it will encourage you. Maybe you’re going through something in your life that requires you to stand firm, and to recommit to what you believe in, or desire. Maybe you’re up against something much bigger than you. And maybe you need to hear someone remind you that you’re doing the right thing by staying persistent.

    Stay strong, my friend.

    To celebrate the connection between both, endurance and Easter, one of my favorite times of the year, I am giving you a gift. This Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, download Kill for Justice ebook for FREE! If you love mystery, puppets, ventriloquism, and a good story, you will really enjoy this book.

    Simply click on the link below:

    (It would personally mean a lot if you would leave a review on Amazon. I need 50 reviews just to get noticed. Argh!)

    Hope you take time to celebrate!

    Happy Easter,



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